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THE Anna Show: Поменяй картинку на канале. Она ооочень стремная
Miguel Llorente: buenos dias hoy he puesto a funcionar mi roomba y no me dan vueltas los cepillitos o escobillas. ke puede ser?
frymillstrum: Typical GB QL, a whole 5 minutes before showing off any game play followed by half an hour of someone who seems like they've never played a freaking 2D platformer before.
DragooKnight: IIRC You don't need to fully repair a tool to add modifiers, only replacing tool parts.
PanzerGrenadier 1st SS: The correct term is exhaust canisters. Some are louder than others. I actually use one that has no markings and has 3 canisters welded together with minimal or no packing and is a straight shot out the end of the exhaust you can see all the way through and let me tell ya those suckers are loud. Love loud bring on the noise and let em know..
Carlos Lopez: bitch plis nigga 1.0.0
Nomusa Magic: Love that drying tip!!