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vblsko4ka: Ммм... ладно только микро:D я чет описание забыл глянуть:)
Sam M: Do you ever used the other two attachments that come with the blow dryer?
Misty Labriola: I'm a novice when it comes to the inner workings of a vehicle. I am also beginning my driver operator 1-A. This video series has been so helpful in combination with the book and in classroom instruction. Thank you. 
Fan Lisse: Аня, скажтите, при стирке твида Софт Донегал в жаккардовом изделии (светлый с красным) так же можно оставлять в воде со средством на 0,5 часа? Не покрасится светлый при первой стирке?
bronxstar183 R: Do you have to be good at math?
ChazCuber: do a comparison jalk power m to DAN 356X
Kimberly Solko: Hi Mallory. Would you please tell me which brush you were using to blend out your concealer? Thank you