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Great Britain: There no difference in the sound inside the cabin to part the old shape to the new.
ทาชีบาว ขวัญฐานอื: ผมฝันว่าผมถีบหมาที่ดุมากและเร่ร่อนเพื่อป้องกันตัว(ปกติไม่เคยและกลัว)
Michael Levinson: This was an amazing episode, beautifully realistic glimpse into the lives of three men.
Sylvia Tina: Kerissa Reaches Her Limit | Greenleaf | Oprah Winfrey Network marries drea
Chi Pham Quynh: hay đó
Mare Cormier: All I could think when Ilea gave Pip inner beauty is that he looked like one of the goblins at Gringotts. Was that 2 or 3 fires this episode? I don't usually let my sims light the fireplace, too afraid of fire in real life to mess with it in sims.
Jesse S: The Roadster clip? I've seen a bunch of Minizooms, but not the Norton styled Raask pipes. We'll see here in two days.