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Dominatory Programs: how do you make it so when u flick the switch it turns on?
dana whittington: the mask makes you look like nightwing .
Sabby Ryan Amazon: Does it come w insurance $ if it doesn’t protect your devices? Would this be sufficient enough for a treadmill? Is there a plastic sheath to cover the outlets that aren’t in use so dust doesn’t get in?
Bowlingotter: Well it's certainly not THAT boring! Only you gotta pay $40 for this one.
SWTAD Kids: Hi guys! How do like The Grinch LOL family? For more LOL families, check out https://goo.gl/fasBXe
Subscribe here!! https://goo.gl/o4rw3t Love you all, your comments make my day!! 😘

LaCr0: Nice video tutorial. Good job!
тото кутунье: привет обловил катушку? душка всегда откидывается до конца?