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CMSDuDeX: Widzę ze nie tylko ja mam ten problem napewno cala partia jest zjebiana myslalem ze to problem z kompe a tu myszka ....
tenochtitilian: I like how you replaced the hero portrait with your face
Aslan Centaroevskiy: Эж.ж

AMRider: Аппаратура от вертолета v911 подойдет?
kutulu: @buddhafollower which year?
Mosin Master: You want the edge to be harder than the main section of the blade, so it's not brittle. You should have at least tempered it by heating the main section of the blade to a higher color than the edge, probably until the edge is a straw. Also wouldn't be a bad idea to have quenched it in motor oil before that point.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Is no one gunna mention the kid screaming his lungs out at 0:01?