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mcpeanutful: Remember how NBC (whose pearooster has become the Comcast pearooster after having also been the logo for CNBC and MSNBC) had various artists (John Kricfalusi, Al Hirschfeld) do their own portrayal of the NBC pearooster for the station ID? I think that should be done again for the Comcast Internet/cable TV/phone service commercials now that the pearooster is the logo for Comcast. However, I understand this commercial was made before Comcast owned NBC Universal and made the pearooster the Comcast pearooster. (this commercial was from 2009 or earlier, Comcast didn't own any of NBC Universal until 2011 and didn't purchase the rest of GE's remaining common equity stake until 2013.)
jockobo: Your right it was a index class. I'm guessing he thought it would be easy to reel me in up top so took too long before trying to make a move. The stang had a roll bar so it's definitely a sub 11.5 car.
Da_ Aigner: Schönes Tutorial, aber was soll ich tun wenn ein Kantenpaar verkehrt herum ist? Sprich z.b. das mittlere Pärchen blau bei gelb und gelb bei blau ist?
Brett Vogel: Did you replace the fork oil as well when you replaced the seal? The old fluid would be a mess.
Fastball Films: You’re the Goat Serena!
M. Raj: Thank dear 💖
Eduardo Fidelis: very good