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Stephanie Brown: I also love the black clip on the matte black Lamy Safari. Is it limited edition as well?
LeaderOptimus: Excellent transformation for the legs, I love how simple it looks and how complex it really is. You could make an Orion Pax out of him.
chaodersoup: Great review!
I'd like to add that if you're gonna wait for a sale for the ABH brow wiz, you might as well wait for a sale for the BH brow pencil. BH ALWAYS has 20-35% off sales that include the brow pencil, so you'd be paying less than $5.50 for 0.01 oz, making the BH one cheaper in the long run if you're gonna wait for sales anyway.
That's what I did, and I got the BH one for $3.50. It's great, because I prefer the BH over ABH. 🙂

Mary Jane Thao: Oliver is it
Luke Fox: Great Video, just wondering if there is any work around for the sound for phone calls. Connecting my headphones to my watch and my watch to my HTC but phone calls still come through the watch not the headphones.
peter pam: NEED HELP..... since McDougall says that our bodies are " Designed to eat starch" ANYONE please tell me what I can eat UNCOOKED?......I must have special digestive enzymes that should allow me to eat EG Corn... Potato.... rice...Beans WITHOUT BEING FORCED TO COOK them??...... Mc Dougall is a MD so it must be OK?
Staszek Jankun: What is this music?