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Alan Carmona: watching this video (2009) i would like to be in those days to start my investment on bitcoin... :( so sad.
Get Rekt: Many thanks for these zbrush hard surface tutorials. I really needed them.
nastya_elisey: Наталина, спасибо вам за ваш труд! Подскажите, пожалуйста, тон Tarte в баночке ищменил упаковку или больше не производится? Не нашла его нигде :(
shelly anne: mickael has brought out more impressive tricks than you 2 pricks could ever come out with. David he's trick takes half an hour to make and you slag him off, your the mug who has a trick where you have to supply your own blowtorch, lmao. Couple of talentless pickleheads.
Fairycancel: Ubers everywhere :V

Otiesh Francis: It is a good car yes, but the problem is that the front diff will brake if you happen to hit some thing so hard , I have broken two of then until I found a solution to protect the diff properly with an aluminum plate underneath. otherwise one can buy the aluminum diff too, but quite expensive and the aluminum plate does the job pretty well.
Joe Hommrich: I like a variety of shoes New balances, Converse, vans etc