How To Organize Your Life In One Week

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How To Organize Your Life + Be Productive!
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7 Daily Habits to Keep Your Life Organized
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Sayedmustafa21: Great vid Ameer.

Is there a vid for planning a week in advance? I looked through your playlists and didn’t find anything that seemed to include it. If not, can you produce one? Thanks!

Edgar Franco: "The One Thing" is something that I need to do. GSD is something that I have lacked for the last 10 years. I am about to be 30 years old and I need to start GSD and stay extremely consistent. Thanks Ameer

Flaviu Moldovan: Thank you Ameer! I do my best by being consistent in following these steps! Getting better in being organised!

Carlos Alberto González Martinez: The morning ritual is a great way to start your morning! the 1L water thing is new to me, cool!!! great video Rosic

Stuart Nolan: Brilliant !

Formless Life: I learned that I waste my life and blame it on other people.

Justine Macmillan: I’m currently in high school and right now my teachers are giving me tones of homework, tests, pp presentations, and exams to study for.
As I was slowly drowning under the amount of work I got I decided to watch your video. And realised that I’ve been sleeping 4 hours or less per night to get stuff down. I think that I really needed someone to tell me that I need to sleep. And I hope this will improve my concentration.
Thank you

Craig Miller: fantastic advice

marek wonka: Hi Ameer great video , what I have learned that the energy that’s what I am lacking to achieve no goal . Thanks

Tom Barker: This is the first time watching one of your videos for me Ameer. I took notes throughout the video and I really like the ritual stage where you drink 1 L of water every morning and journal. I am a college student and i feel my life is all over the place but journaling could really help me out and get my thoughts straight. I am currently in a Nutrition class so I am really pressing on my diet and exercise. Thank you for this video and i am looking forward to more.

Mike Desmond: I like this guy

Peter Lacole: What A mug!! This guy's whole demeanor pisses me off.

Celia Fournier: Awesome! Thank you! I am a subsciber and watching all of your Vlogs. Please keep up the good work.

Ryan Genereaux: Getting sleep, real food, purpose and one thing. Great video

Alex 1: hey man great video but your volume is low, speakers on max and sounds like your mumbling, get that mic closer or boost the levels thanks!

Alexander Ritter: Thx. I've remembered to first take care of my body. The rest will follow

ali abdi: Will re watch and do it dedicate 3 hours a day for accounting

Bryan Balak: I learned that I am a man practising ten thousand kicks instaed of one kick ten thousand times and, that I do not have a fixed ritual in the morning eventhough I know I perform the best when I do. And I do not treat my body as a super sports car fueled with the best energy I can offer, as I am writing this at 1.3am. And I have not been living up to my full potential. I do have started writing a journal and lately my thoughts have been becoming more clear, making me look in a more balanced way for answers and porpuse.

In the last months I often have thought about finding a mentor in life, but I was looking for multiple mentors for multiple subjects because I struggle to stay focussed. After many years of wandering, 6 months ago I started out being a football trainer for the under 17 squad at a local club here in Amsterdam, and have been promoted to assistent trainer and talent scout for the first team. Football is that one thing in my life that brings me the most joy. By watching this video I realise the three aspects of energy, ritual and the one thing have been the areas I have been working on, but I did not connected the dots in this way.

This video has provided me with some much needed insights and perspectives on how to build on from the good things happening in my life. Writing this feels good. Its time to make it happen. There are many great videos and books out there and every person resonates on a different energy, message etc. This video hits home for me. This is the first time I ever commented on a video like this. Thank you and keep spreading the message, Bryan

Tenacious Deb: Everything you says is right 💪🏼

How to Organize your life in one week 5 out of 5

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How to Organize your life in one week