How To Organize Your Life In One Week

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Jonatan Gonzalez: Great content but low volume.

Misty Evans: What if I don't have a tree to hang upside down from? 🤔

Fizah Abbas: Hey there just came by your channel, thank you so much for this absolute amazing break down formula. One thing that I did learn from this, and which I am implementing tonight is restoring my long lost energy by calling it a night. I'll try my best to turn off the phone and just rest so I get my head straight. And secondly I learned that for us humans, it's never too late to start all over again. That's what I got from first watch, probably learn way way more along the way. Hopefully I'll makebit through, but thanks for being a crucial part of it. Huge respect for your work, keep it up mate!

hellobalitaon: i want to organize my life huhu

Daiguang Riamei: Great stuff.. so precise and accurate information... I've got into the 123s but my WHY and “1 thing" was still missing.I've noted down those points..gonna try it.. thank you man..keep educating and inspiring people 👍

alg dreamer: I need a purpose! I am lost I dont know what to do anymore! I had a purpose but after failing to achieve it I got disoriented ... years are going by and I am getting old but I haven't accomplished anything worth mentioning

GloriainChrist1: I watched a lot of videos like yours on how to organize your life. I couldn't decide on who would be my mentor, but after watching you, I am determined to follow your instructions. I am so thrilled to try your steps. Thanks very much!!

T K: I've found all of this to be true! Great Job!

Javier X de la Camara: So Agree with you on sleep

Llalal Alalls: Dopamine increases happiness googledoc

Vijayalata Prasad: it helped me a lot tnx

Taurini Tronic: I’m 36 and still don’t know what my purpose is. It’s killing me. 😔

Kevin Law: I've learned a lot Ameer! Mostly what I took away from the video is some more organizational skills & basically thought and how to plan a few things ahead of me... Awesome video! More please?

Not cute: Lmao gotta trust the hot guy

Rana Muhammed: "Welling" is so hard to get , its before the energy .. i dont know how to get


Mardi Mason: I like the concept, but having to go to work doesn't really allow us to have the needed time in the morning to get personal things done.. Most people that struggle with organizing, are overworked and struggle to accomplish the load of daily responsibilities.

Renee Knooks: I have done the "To Do List" for years for work and home life...but I have really been struggling with the "PURPOSE" of those things and putting together everything needed to accomplish the To Do List... so I am going to give your methods and structure a GOOD TRY!

Ronald Johnson: I need more sleep. I recently heard about “the one thing”. I need to apply that. I thought multitasking was the thing and it has made me anxious, slowed down productivity by allowing so many distractions.

fairyxdawl: My struggle starts with getting distracted by noise. You’ve taught me the art of consistency leading to success. Determined get some progress using your formula! Thank you!
How to Organize your life in one week 5 out of 5

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How to Organize your life in one week