How To Organize Your Life In One Week

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How To Organize Your Life + Be Productive!
How To Organize Your Life + Be Productive!

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Erralyn Reiman: Great stuff, just audio could be better

Hannah Ross: Great video ameer, i had no idea where to start in organising my crap and you have made me see its not just about gettin the crap done its about preparing your mind and body before you even begin to tackle anything else, having the most energy as possible is key to success and make sure to be consistant in your actions otherwise you will fail. The only bit i wasnt sure of is are you doing the thing that was most important on monday , are you doing it on tuesday wednesday and so on for 3h too? Or are you completing the task and moving onto the next ? Also what if ur task i never ending such practising painting as you are always learning new techniques and so on?

Omar Almunawer: Hey Ameer great video really opened my eyes and realized what was i doing wrong but please improve your audio quality i had to listen very carefully and stick my phone to my ear to hear the video, looking forward to more videos on same topic.


Daniel Coleman: I think you forgot your Purpose by the end of the video!

Noah W: How do you do the chunking while holding down a full time job?

FatalGunpoint007: Thx

Elena Dipon: Watched your video on how to get energy because I was liking it and productivity and even though I knew that going to sleep was important the first thing I am taking Anne to practice is going to sleep at 10 PM. Thank you

Hatter5150: I wanted to thank you for this vid. I am aware of all these great concepts but for some reason your simple video brought it all together for me and gives me a blueprint to follow. Have a great day!

Alex Franzese: Great video love the Bruce Lee quote. I jump from idea to idea without spending enough time focusing. This is some good insight into why I'm not able to find that one thing which is because I haven't found my purpose. That might take some digging but I'm hoping to find it so I can supply meaning to what I do. Thanks for sharing

Wesley Levi: I can't wait to begin Its 4:45 am on a Sunday I've watched two of your videos I'm looking forward to great results

Vuchuong Do: make sense!!!! Thank you!!!

lost in lies: Didn't come here for diet advice

Ahmed Ali: Guys.i was almost done with my life
Until I saw this video yes sleep if u don't wake up at same time every day u will get hite in the blind side

Julie Spiltener: im a collage student magerring in French. I’m 19 and I thought i would aventually find my path in life but I havn’t . and I realized that having belief in myself would help me get going . I will try making time for one thing and find my purpose for today or the future.

Tim Reed: I learned that I’ve been procrastinating


disha sachdeva: Actually motivating and inspirational

Ariel Openmind: Haven't finished the video but I like what I'm hearing. I don't get enough sleep and it's a major problem.

Lance Pitts: You helped me organize my way of thinking about how to organize my life. Much Love brother! Also, I really appreciate you bringing it back to the natural world. To me that's what its about... Coming back Life! I wish you well!
How to Organize your life in one week 5 out of 5

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How to Organize your life in one week