How To Organize Your Life In One Week

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Wesley Levi: I can't wait to begin Its 4:45 am on a Sunday I've watched two of your videos I'm looking forward to great results

Vuchuong Do: make sense!!!! Thank you!!!

jon guerrero: Didn't come here for diet advice

Ahmed Ali: Guys.i was almost done with my life
Until I saw this video yes sleep if u don't wake up at same time every day u will get hite in the blind side

Julie Spiltener: im a collage student magerring in French. I’m 19 and I thought i would aventually find my path in life but I havn’t . and I realized that having belief in myself would help me get going . I will try making time for one thing and find my purpose for today or the future.

Tim Reed: I learned that I’ve been procrastinating


disha sachdeva: Actually motivating and inspirational

Ariel Openmind: Haven't finished the video but I like what I'm hearing. I don't get enough sleep and it's a major problem.

Lance Pitts: You helped me organize my way of thinking about how to organize my life. Much Love brother! Also, I really appreciate you bringing it back to the natural world. To me that's what its about... Coming back Life! I wish you well!

1 Frame Studio: Hey Ameer thank you I needed some perspective I actually have that book the one thing but haven't revisited it in some time so this was a great reminder but a new thing I took from this was the 3 hours in the day focused on one thing for a week that is just awesome and simplifies what I've been trying to wrap my head around for the past few days so thank you! I also thought more into what I would teach a younger version of myself that was very interesting and added some new insights. I came here thinking I didn't have energy but I think the lack of energy came from a lack of how I'm going to tackle my loose objective which I will now tighten up and tackle in a time frame thanks to you! :)

Victor Bastos: thanks ameer! open eye video

Tina Pak: thanks, will start tomorrow

shizzle1975: I wish I could hear this.. I’d stay

TurboTomPlays: Thank you. More like this please.

M.s Potatoes: Meanwhile watching this around 1 in the morning... thanks for the advice... I'll start tomorrow hopefully haha

Renuka Rani: Just watched your video - I’m 40 and just had a meltdown due to too much happening - I wish I’d watched this when you released it but I was about to get married.
I want to get back on track and be the best of myself.....the last two years I left an emotionallly abusive marriage, divorced but at same time Dad has dementia and Mum (who is my soulmate) had a serious arm injury - so basically I’ve been doing a lot at once. I’m an Optometrist and love my work but all this was affecting my Dad has now been sectioned as he’s violent but I have now embraced this as a 6 month break to sort myself, Mum & plan for future baby thank you so much - I’ve already started a nutrition program but I’m not always good at sticking to it.....the big message for me was one thing at a time - helped a lot - 🙏🏽

hersheylyn gorobat: Okay. I’ll sleep now. Will continue tomorrow. Goodnight!💤

54wamu: Hi Ameer, this is a live changing video. I am thankful to you for teaching the techniques as It is simple, clear and makes sense. I had to hear this video over and over again to extract and understand deeply the essence of your teaching. For me the key is to follow every step of it or it does not work. Thank you once again

mlogullo: Not often I stick around for an entire video however I liked this, you did a good job and what hit me the most was the energy aspect... it is so vital and your information is not only so true it is exact in explanation.
How to Organize your life in one week 5 out of 5

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How to Organize your life in one week