Airbrush Pro Review-Temptu SB, Hydra Lock, Water Blend, Kett Hydro

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Airbrush Pro Review-Temptu SB. Hydra Lock. Water Blend. Kett Hydro
Airbrush Pro Review-Temptu SB. Hydra Lock. Water Blend. Kett Hydro
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autumn roberts: Love your video however it drives me slightly insane that you don’t look at the camera 🎥 but to the side ,it takes some getting used to

K E L K A Y: Omg, this is exactly what i was looking for! Thank you so much for making this video!

Emily Rad: what is you position on concealing under/ over the hydrolock? probably with RCMA (light handed)

Juan Bermeo: does every concealer work with the spf foundation?

ghulai: Hi jasmine. I am new to airbrushing so I am reading a lot about iwata airbrush compressors.. I am stuck between the ninja jet and silver jet. Which one would u recommend? Thak you!

Joan Q: Hi, i just want to ask for an update if u still love SB or switched to Hydralock. Many thanks!

Shani Overfelt: Hey Jasmine, commenting again. I was rewatching about the different brands. I have the kett hydro foundations and a couple of the kett fix creams for concealing. I have a couple of issues. First, under eye concealing for extreme dark circles. Also it didn't set well mature skin. (So I'm looking to get hydralock or sb as well) secondly, I know it is suppose to last all day, but How can you prevent the makeup moving if the face touched. ie itching nose or something. It seems to rub off. I had a bride with oily skin that I used embrolisse, sprayed urban decay deslick, concealed with the kett fixx cream, set with elf 5he then airbrushed with the kett. I resprayed with deslick and it looked great. But the bride requested not using any base as it started to look heavy as the day went on. I have her trial coming up and would like to implement a couple different techniques.
And lastly is kind of a dumb question. But can you use regular concealer underneath? I have a few liquids, kett fixx and my rcma foundation palette. What is your favorite concealer to use with air brush? Water based and sb? (I've thought about using some foundation drops onto a steel palette and working it in as a concealer for the undereyes before using the gun. Sorry, I have so many questions!

Lynette Demar: Great video!

Kristi Reyes: So glad I found your Channel I really want an airbrush system

Shani Overfelt: i really enjoyed this video, you're really funny!

Fouzia Elasmi: love! love! your videos! thank you for your review

makemeeup: do you prefer the traditional gun or the airpod pro?? I'm so torn!!!!

ju ju: great info on the products! can you use the Kett foundation with the temptu airbrush system?

Vicky Spencer: Hey Jasmine, I have just commented on how knowledgeable your video was and I really loved it. I am sure you are a very busy lady I wouldn't have thought you would have kindly answered all the ladies questions below but I can see that you very kindly have. May I please ask you a few questions? I mostly work on brides, I love weddings! I live in the UK and have done my airbrush training through Airbase airbrush makeup, I really like it but I really want something to last that bit more on those very hot days and for girls with oily skin. I am torn between Tepmtu hydra lock and Kett, which do you prefer? Would you prefer one over the other for mature skin or not? What confused me on Temptu`s website was that hydra lock is marketed as being better for drier more mature skin but then has ubber staying power. Many Thanks in advance if you get chance to reply but if you dont you helped me loads with your video xxx

Vicky Spencer: Thank you ever so much for sharing your knowledge, this was really helpful xxx

Emma M: I really enjoyed this video! Thanks for sharing!!

Shirin Asefi: Which one doesn't feel sticky or tacky?

Amy Hemming: What lipstick are you wearing?

Crystal Cook: For bridal, would you recommend the TEMPTU hydralock or the kett hydro? I have the s/b, but Texas is humid and a lot of my clients are oily as well so I've been looking for something more matte and long wearing.

Arlene Munroe: Hi Jasmine,
I wish that I had watched this video before, as I just ordered the the Temptu SB kit.
I'm a bridal makeup artist in Jamaica, so I have to deal with high humidity. Can I set it with ANY powder?
Airbrush Pro Review-Temptu SB, Hydra Lock, Water Blend, Kett Hydro 5 out of 5

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Airbrush Pro Review-Temptu SB, Hydra Lock, Water Blend, Kett Hydro