Thrift Store Finds #5

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Thrift Store Finds #5
Thrift Store Finds #5
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Thrift Store Finds #5 Too Many DVD's

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WE WUZ WOLVEZ: It's amazing how so many of these old school games are superior to so many big budget games put out by pozzed AAA companies.

Mrs H: Would you review the old Sierra point and click adventure games? Or is that too much nostalgia? They are from the before times... before console gaming...

Plut0nio: Fun Fact: The animation at 2:34 is Karl Sims' "Panspermia" from 1990. It was used as the music video for Pantera's cover of the Black Sabbath song "Planet Caravan."

jimmy jakes: Try toothpaste for cleaning discs. Spread it around on the disc surface and rub it in with a little water before rinsing it off. I think it works because it's a mild abrasive so it cleans better than just water and it polishes the surface. I read about it on a video game website like 20 years ago, and I've had pretty good luck with it.

scooterputin: Not sure how it's stood the test of time, but Advent Rising was a joy for me when it was released. I recall the game's funness really picking up as the character's powerups developed. Probably worth a playthough!

Jose Guzman: I need NW and RCR to review an old car game. They sound a bit alike at times.

Ozymandias Kang of Kangz: Review Vexx.

Ozymandias Kang of Kangz: Did you see Black Panther?

Arkadiusz Juszczak: Wow you are white male!

OChopinOP: Peak thift store levels in this video. The previous games were looking just a little too nice.

Spencer: I think the fact that Bay has a couple of films as a part of the Criterion Collection says hes rated just where he should be, neither over nor under. He does get a lot of crap for the Transformers movies, but aside from that hes done some good stuff.

Ronald McFunkytown: the whole purpose of those dvds are for calming hyper 9 year olds before nap time at daycare

Leinad Zurcc: Hey CF, whats crackin? I just finished downloading your torrent archive and I have to admit that going through all the files made me feel a bit emotional. I found your channel a few months before it's end but I have to say that it was one of the best things to ever happen to me, it was a light that I desperately needed. Without the knowledge contained in it, I don't think I would have dealt with all the soul-crushing things that happened to me lately very well.
I can't begin to explain in how many ways you have helped me. I am a Roman Catholic, but you will always be on my prayers. I hope I can buy you a sangrita someday, but enough with that gay crap now.

God bless.

Ninja Master: 9:00 Wii was a very successful platform. 120 million units sold. Even grandmas had them. It was perfect system for party games and causual gamers. The early backwards compatible decks gave great value to play the GameCube offerings.

I really loved how Nintendo wasn't afraid to do new things with game mechanics

Ninja Master: 6:20 yes. We use the JFJ Easy pro. Sells for about $150 with starter supplies. Does 95% of what a major industrial model (like Netflix would use).

It's great for low volume stuff like what you're doing.

You'll need extra parts if you're doing GameCube discs. Discs with major damages like cracks can't be saved.

Also, you can use a mail away service as well. You send just the discs and get them back. Figure $3 a disc shipping inclusive and in multiples of 5 or more. Make sure they used an industrial mode to resurface.

papcorm: Something I noted the last couple videos, even though you spent years cataloging the worst humanity had to offer you, you didn't let it make you bitter, you still care for the pizza worker and their loud Hispanic girlfriend. You still just want to know people are out there with minds of their own doing things, even though you looked into the asshole of the internet and ended up with pink eyes, you still just want things to be better. I appreciate that and I'm happy I stumbled across your stuff. Keep doing what you're doing.

Major1940: What happened to tumblristas, CF?

David Michmerhuizen: You should watch Off the Air on adult swim

gameclub100: Librarys tend to be able to resurface discs for free

RM76: 0:46
Random Hard Boiled clip
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shaoronmd: this is why you use MULTIPLE save states...
Ted Antares: Where is Part 2?
WE WUZ WOLVEZ: It's amazing how so many of these old school games are superior to so many big budget games put out by pozzed AAA companies.
KELLY MADIS: All of thanksgiving i play smash with my cousin
Samsung 3.0 Note/Tab: what's the best way to make lots of credits due to online being shut down
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Thrift Store Finds #5