John Allen's 1994 Celica Part

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John Allen's 1994 Celica
John Allen's 1994 Celica
John Allen's 1994 Celica Part
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manish chopra: I just want to know that from where i will get this motor for my car in India

Michael S: You just scraped out the protective shellac. You should consult someone with some knowledge before sanding and scraping a motor.

GLEN Dooer: Guess a reason for going for brushless motors...

salut salut: after the conversion how did you get the cerfication for the driving in the raod. inssurance office ask the official paper.

dieselscience: I've used a product called Crocus cloth that has iron oxide instead of garnet or other sands. It's much less aggressive and puts a fine polish on the commutator.

Ryan Zammit: change the bearing mate

Bill Dollarmovie: George isn't home

speed00774: Best regards my name is read and would like to ask why use a DC motor and AC not one, what differs?

jorge Murillo: your noise is a bearing is bad need to replace them both sorry but is the truthbad berarings.

jorge Murillo: your problem is the bearing amigo do not use grease is a motor cleaner and file the communator for clean running ge t the correct cleaner or you remove the barnish from the field and armature .

jorge Murillo: they are worn when the brush is just past the holder and the spring is getting in to the holder of the brush , maybe a little bit more than half way worn

Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé: Just me or is nearly every single EV conversion video involving the exactly the same looking electric engine?

Bethany Jervis: well done! might i suggest mounting some heat sinks on your motor!

doyleaudio: I really appreciate you showing us your journey. Thank you.

rhiannish: since you have already dismantled the electric motor you should have at least made the following changes. 1. change the brushes  2. change all the bushings  3. change the bearings  4 check for armature and rotor rubbing, if they did dump your ac motor. 5 this is the only thing that you did in that ac motor... what not to do.. 1. do not spray chemicals unless its for electrical purposes.. 2 you should use rubber sealed bearings  3 use the correct specification of grease to be used in the bushing, not all grease is suitable... THE CORRECT SOUND OF AN AC MOTOR IS THAT "IT SHOULD HAVE NO SOUND "

EastendBillythekid: Possible needs to break in a bit or the other items your attaching it to have the vibration problems

EastendBillythekid: As brilliant as you are John allen  you did use a kinda sucky car  hahaha
Could have used a cooler car for your Impressive video,  oh well.\

Daniel Birch: Them some wise words. Thanks for posting this vid, great for newbies. :)

itakeyourphoto: Normally that commutator should have been turned down on a lathe. In use commutators do go a bit oval shaped !  Also if reusing brushes they will tend to be a bit noisy unless you put them back exactly were each brush was.  Best way is to wrap sand paper around the comm and manually get the right shape into each brush.  If the noise has cleared up then good, if not noise is a sure sign that brushes are not making proper contact with the comm and that will invite arcing under load

steel red: la pregunta del millón de dolares es, ¿Que pasa si el carro cae o pasa por un lugar profundo con mucha agua a la altura del motor, hay peligro de electrocución ?

the million dollar question is, ¿what happens if the car falls or goes through a very deep water up to the engine, there is the danger of electrocution?
John Allen's 1994 Celica Part 5 out of 5

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John Allen's 1994 Celica Part