Buying A Zero Turn Mower Guide - New, Used, Brands, Models

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Buying a Zero Turn Mower Guide - New. Used. Brands. Models
Buying a Zero Turn Mower Guide - New. Used. Brands. Models
Thoughts on Buying a Zero Turn Mower for Lawn Business or Personal
Thoughts on Buying a Zero Turn Mower for Lawn Business or Personal
How I Find and Buy Zero Turn Mowers at Great Prices
How I Find and Buy Zero Turn Mowers at Great Prices
Choosing a Zero-Turn Mower
Choosing a Zero-Turn Mower
✅Mower: Best Riding Lawn Mower 2018 (Buying Guide)
✅Mower: Best Riding Lawn Mower 2018 (Buying Guide)

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Boof: 2016 skag cheetah with 1300 hrs two valve adjustments and two pto switches love the mower. keep the deck clean and blades sharp. itl make the best cut and the cheetah brand new was around 14k

Skip Hill: I bought a Snapper 52 inch Z turn with the fabricated deck, from Wal-mart do's every thingI I want/ need, I understand that this is Snappers entry level Z turn, I cut a 1 acer lot like you say, once you upgrade to a Z turn, you woun't go back to a tracktor stile mower unless you have to, paid $ 2200 for it.....Your video, was/ is very informative....

Christopher Powell: Me and my wife are fixing to buy our first zero turn mower.we was wanting to know can you add a roll over bar to a zero turn that don't have a roll over bar? We want to put a shade cover on the top to help with the sun.

Mark Carrizales: What about John Deere? I have a 72 inch deck Z950A. But I bought it with 1500 hours.

Mostly Outdoors: What do u think about spartan?

MrFakit: I'm just a homeowner that bought a Poulan p46 and I would never go back to a tractor style mower but damn the zero turn loses traction easy and is hard on my back. Is it just this brand or all zero turns this way?

Jeff Ekstrand: Walker any good?

G Shackelup: Good video. Thanks
I would like to have your opinion on this deal bad or good!!
60 inch Kubota 25 hp well kept 900 hours four thousand $
Model 725 commercial
I have about one acre lawn I mow twice or so a week!!! Welcome any input thanks

John Romano: Thanks for the video. What is the easiest way to tell if it is a commercial or residential model?

Kerry Mccambry: Bad boy is what I have The Maverick

I STAND ALONE: Whatcha think bout dem craftsmen zero turn , look pretty dadgum tuff ta me , wouldn't ya say so young man

Matt Anderson: i have a deal in my area for an exmark lazer z 52" s-series with kohler efi motor with 115 hours on it. 2011 model. says it was in a storage unit most of the time. would you guys be hesitant to purchase this mower at $5800? or concerns about it sitting un-used for so long

bassmaster1953: WALKER MOWERS. There is no substitute.

J's Crazy Cutz, LLC: I wanted to buy a new Ferris Z2 stander but, I ended up buying a demo version of that mower for $7,200 with only 39hrs. I would have paid $8,500.I still have a full warranty and saved $1300.I think it was a no-brainer to me....?....

Koven Carlson: I've no intention of ever buying one of these, yet I watched the entire video.

ookie DUKES: Just put 4 hours on my 2018 Patriot Kawasaki. Cuts amazing and never has bogged on my hill. It's got a regular deck (not velocity) but it does throw very far and disperses well. No issues with clumping in wet - so dont listen to the forums/internet when it comes to best deck evarrrr just buy the most powerful you can afford.

Dave Tires: I just got a cash price for an Ariens 42” over 4 thousand,it’s basically a Gravely that’s made on the same assembly line,gonna use it for my small part time lawn care bizness🤓

Gulfrider: Was looking marketplace, a Gravely with a FS691 Kawi listed with 1700 LOW hours lol.....Right...

telly coleman: Was a very good video for my wife. It’s difficult for her to wrap her head around spending as much for a lawn mower as you do for a car.
This helped her understand even though I’m getting a triplex for home use

Jonah Hall: Thank u so much now this really helps me
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Buying a Zero Turn Mower Guide - New, Used, Brands, Models