Composition Competition (ends September 30, 2014)

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Composition Competition (ends September 30. 2014)
Composition Competition (ends September 30. 2014)
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Bubbie Herron: Someone just shared your HAPPY composition with me on Facebook. I had to track you down to Thankyou! Totally enjoyed it. Debbie in Scotland

AardvarkStrikeforce: Hey Chris, is it alright if I include improvisational solos (over a chord progression) in my compositions?

Theron J. Coleman: Can we take phrases from songs and change them up a bit and combine into a more original piece?

Grassy Gaming: I'm a little late to this competition, I'm also a tuba player who's never written any piece of music but would like to enter this competition and at least dip my toes into composing... Any tips?

Raul Ontiveros: Guys check out my composition! :)

Sean Crone: Are we allowed to write drum parts? I know in some of your pieces you use body percussion like claps and stomps (I might use them, not saying how though, it's a secret :p ) but I also know for some of your work like the Living on a Prayer arrangement (my personal favorite) you use drums in the background so could we also write parts for drums? If so what's the limit, an average drum set or can it be parts for instruments like bass drum/timpani? Just wondering what my limitations for a percussive drive are :p

Gunter Heisler: Any restrictions to the difficulty of the composition? I know I want to challenge you but I don't know what your limits are for what I have planned. Can you do multiple tounging at 200 beats per minute? Say I have a run chromatically of 32nd notes, could you handle it? Just wanna make it fun but appeasing to your ears but not impossible....but no promises! You will be shocked! :D

Hailey Bischoff: Is there a specific clef you would prefer? I know some of your sheet music is in tenor, but how comfortable are you with alto?

Bryce Stout: I have a few questions:

If we are going to submit more than one piece, should all the pieces be sent in one e-mail, or should they be sent separately?

If I'm not mistaken you've had a few drum parts played in your videos before. If I write a percussion part too will it be played?

Thanks a bunch! I've always enjoyed your performances, and as a composer myself this is an opportunity I can't afford to miss. You're awesome dude! Thanks! :D

Luca: what program should we use to write it in? musescore, finale, sibelius...?

Raul Ontiveros: Only trombones? no piano? bass? drums? strings?

iCraazy: Remember me you sent me an email wishing me happyday

jason dosanjh: is it only for trombone

Liron Koren: Are we allowed to make mashups?

Raul Ontiveros: Wow that's awesome! im so going to try this

Xpert Duck: Hey Christopher I have a question I play the trombone in the school band at my school and I'm In symphonic band 4 any tips for me to get better

PS3anoobbus96: I'm just a college freshman trumpet player, so I won't be writing anything. Not my thing,
But this sounds AWESOME! I'm excited!

Jacob Gusler: Just an idea for you. You should play the "Game of Thrones" theme. From what I have seen of your amazing abilities, that should not be hard.

Isaiah Butler: If we use MuseScore, can we send you a link to our music?

ThatPianoBoy: does it need to be troombone?
Composition Competition (ends September 30, 2014) 5 out of 5

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Composition Competition (ends September 30, 2014)