Illya Wants To Be Called Onee Chan

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Zippy buddy: What anime is this?

kyle keltner: How to get a Loli girl to like you.
Lesson 1. Call her Onee-chan & she's yours for life.

Shalltear Bloodfallen: Sexy loli owo

FromZeroToDumbass: I've watched enough hentai to know where the last part's going

Gabriel jacinto lópez: Let's be honest, the best part of this series was Kid Gil... by far.

Muhammad Afief Farista: The opening feels like this is FGO

star orcarina: Gil-kun so kawaii

Umi Ryuenji: When someone said 2D girl are trash 3D girl is better told shut the F--k up

Just A Random Guy: It's rare to see Gilgamesh in the protagonist faction...

キャンディーD: はい天使

GE2RBのデータが消滅して発狂したクルルヤック先輩: かわいい

Andrew Lumbo: I thought somebody would bring up Trinity seven references

Ace Villanueva: Isn't she the onee-chan in the original fsn?

ivanbluecool: If shioru called her that she would explode with love

AAA: 2:15

Painfulldarksoul: The thing anyone should do when a loli is stuck. Shia Labeouf:"JUST LEWD IT!"

yuri chan: lol i myself like being called onee chan but never happens like in the anime

Dank_Smirk: 1:18 yes child, that is indeed the purpose of a coat.

Depressed Pilot: Maid and now this?

Nuclear Disco: 1:42 FBI OPEN UP
Illya Wants To Be Called Onee chan 5 out of 5

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Shubham varma: After watching this, i feel like making it more thn playing descent, ty dude, i respect ur patience, i watched all parts in 1 sitting, ty so much
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Sandy Grogg: This is s very pretty pattern..a little different, and I like that a lot.

Illya Wants To Be Called Onee chan