1.12.09 DVD Update

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1.12.09 DVD Update
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Douglas Conner: i have seen most of it! it is a great film! make sure to checkout my new video here soon! im about to to a dvd update!

Matt St.Clair: you should watch goodfellas if you havent seen it yet, it's a great movie. i watched it in my film class.

Douglas Conner: thanks for the comment mate! your not the only one haha ive never seen it either haha! talk to you soon buddy!

Douglas Conner: haha i thought it was you buddy :) Oh i know! Requiem is now one of my new favorite films of all time! It's just INCREDIBLE! and yeah! you cant go wrong with that boxset or the price! Let me know if you were able to find it!

Douglas Conner: sweet! i cant wait to check it out!

Douglas Conner: oh yeah definitely! you cant go wrong with that boxset and price!!!

Douglas Conner: sweet! i will totally checkout After Hours! the trailer and plot sound weird haha im sure ill love it!

Douglas Conner: Thank you!

Douglas Conner: thank you! i will buddy!

Douglas Conner: did you also pick it up for 13$ bucks?

Douglas Conner: well definitely hit up Wal-Mart! 13$ you cant beat that!!

Nicki Leigh: I'm thinking bout getting the martin scorcese boxset to.

MrBlueberry81: Let me know how The Jacket is. I've always wanted to see it.

LiveFastDiarrhea: Great deals man! The price for the Scorsese collection is really unbelievable. I think I paid that price for each of these films individually LOL Check out After Hours - it's my favorite Scorsese film. Totally weird and surreal. Oh, and Pi is an excellent cyberpunk movie.

thedvdupdate: Nice I might head down to Wally World, cause I have been wanting to finish after hours forever after catching some of it on a movie cahnnel, and seems its like $8 for it on single DVD, might as well spend $5 more and get all those other flicks.

boomstickplease: Hm, I think I mentioned The Jacket before, but I don't remember when, haha! I do like the film though. Requiem for a Dream is SO incredible! I watched it a few days ago. :) It definitely is a masterpiece! I haven't seen Pi yet, but I will eventually! 13$?! I have to go to Walmart RIGHT NOW! I only have Raging Bull, but I've wanted to pick up Goodfellas for a long time.

Douglas Conner: haha yes! Scorsese is amazing! Im glad you loved Raging Bull! You need to watch Requiem for a Dream.. TODAY! haha thanks for the comment buddy!

Douglas Conner: Oh yes! Requiem was excellent! I loved it! Amazing film! I prolly watch Jacket soon. GoodFellas what i've seen looks amazing! and Mean Streets sounds ok! thanks for the comment!

Douglas Conner: YES! thank you for the comment!

matt11708: Requiem for a Dream is good not a movie i can watch over and over but its a very good movie the jacket was good but not the best and pi was slow but it was alright GoodFellas is one of my favs and Mean Streets was not the best but it was good for what it was
1.12.09 DVD Update 5 out of 5

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Angela Gonzalez: why doesn't chevy have any moose test like a quick turn test this chevy fan told me there was i told him to send me info never replied lol typical chevy owner
Douglas Conner: i have seen most of it! it is a great film! make sure to checkout my new video here soon! im about to to a dvd update!
Tiberiusduck: WOW !!!
Five Stars for all your hard work sir!!! First Class Job on detailing the Enterprise,... I love it.
My heart broke when I finally saw the date as I really wanted to bid on it too.
Live Long and Prosper My Friend.

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Frei00Wild: Ich Versteh nicht, dass hier einige so rumheulem :-D

1.12.09 DVD Update