Let's Play The Cooking Mama Series - 01 - Chicken Curry

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Let's Play The Cooking Mama Series - 01 - Chicken Curry
Let's Play The Cooking Mama Series - 01 - Chicken Curry
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brock bierly: oh crap u like plaid i freakin bump that

Serasia: Hmmm...the curry at the end looked great! I have two types of curry I love making--Japanese and the recipe my mom uses which involves cream of mushroom and yellow curry powder. My sister makes really good Thai curry. I liked your instruction on cooking the best. Cooking Mama is kind of crazy and angry.


MrAsaqe: This is pretty cool, you know one thing cooking mama never did was give you a real life recipe card. You cooked with Mama, now Mama gives you recipe card to do it in real life.

SpecstacularSC: "Don't cook with motor oil, you'll probably die."

But that's how I make my five alarm chilli!

(Note: I assume this would be obvious, but no the freak I don't make chilli with motor oil. I make it with nitroglycerin. Duh.)

SpecstacularSC: Oh God, I actually have a glass cutting board, and it sounds like cats being murdered when I use it, so I know what you guys mean.

Michelle Smith: holy crap how did you know I was eating doritos?

Markiplites Unite™: Can you please tell me what emulator you used and what options?
I've tried over 4 different DS emulators and they all lag even with the "best options".
And I have an AMAZING computer.

truelazerlight: "Always cut meat on plastic, it's more hygenic than wood."
This is a very widespread myth. Actually it's the other way around
1. Cutting on plastic with a very sharp knife creates crevices that will collect bacteria and are very hard to get clean.
2. Cutting on wood will have the same effect, but wood, especially pine, contains tannins which are naturally anti-bacterial. The bacteria on a wood board will decrease over time as opposed to a plastic board, where they will multiply.
So, although counter-intuitive, using pine cutting boards is actually the best choice. Even though it is softer than other kinds of wood, bacteria won't accumulate. Regardless of material, you should replace cutting boards every few years.
TL;DR: Awesome video! Cooking is fun! :D

XIV Irelia: you just needed to pan fry the chicken first instead of the potatoes, you can just add the potatoes later  lol, let it boil and just add water if it is still a little hard...

AngrySmileyDan: Does anyone know the songs used in the video?

MikoSquiz: Whether wooden or plastic cutting boards are better is disputable; plastic rapidly becomes porous as the surface gets scratched up, and it seems that wood is naturally antibacterial to some degree.

Don't use glass, though. It freaks your knives up. And if you use plastic, replace it once it's badly scuffed. And if you use wood, remember to oil it now and then.

Also, there's such a thing as curry paste, which is just the best. Curry powder is okay but paste is better.

Ronald MacKinnon: So is Thai curry normally thicker than the Japanese curry shown in the game? Their version seems almost more like a stew to soak into the rice.

LucasRazorBlade: Lovely video!

purplepandastudios16: My Blender is broken.. :(
I guess I will have to find either a different recipe/dish, or something.. 

tinymeows: A shallot is not half between a garlic and onion. It is a sweet slow grown onion, that grows in clusters like how garlic grows, but not related to garlic. It has more sugar and therefore caramelises and cooks quicker.
The one you have is an Echalion (or banana) Shallot, In England we consider those to be French. We have slightly different shallots, they look more like tiny onions and are a bit more purple, which are the kind they also use in Asia.

<3 same rice technique as me. Some of my friends fail at rice no matter how many times i teach them...

tinymeows: Please sharpen your knives.

IBlameRoadSuess: Good Eats Complete? Taken down a couple weeks ago.

sentrygun: well i'm hungry

Dianna Anaka: i have a mini food chopper too!
Let's Play The Cooking Mama Series - 01 - Chicken Curry 5 out of 5

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Let's Play The Cooking Mama Series - 01 - Chicken Curry