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taparupa dey: :)
Daniel Pascual: You should have way more views and subscribers great video
Vale: I'm a pretty good A.R. (On Console) but I find that 80% of my No-Scopes NEVER hit at all. I have terrible luck with them even when I use a laser sight....
ThunderGamer: fly coast 30 ki or 30 from something else
Emery Kennedy: Hey! check out the revelation of MJ before he died by Pastor pickleow and Tb Joshua! Just type in “Michael Jackson Pastor pickleow” or “Michael Jackson TB Joshua” in youtubes search engine! Looks like MJ made it to Heaven! Spread it around!
Iliana Torres: What brand are these cases?
Sean Kinton: The label on the bottle says it's for mixing. That's what it's for.

Дискование стерни на болоте