How To...Make A Killer Chicken Salad Melt

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Latasha Lorenzo: just perfect 👍

Tara Nicole: yo u didn't how to make the chicken salad though..

Wooskis Wide World Of Sports: +livelife360 love your videos!

Nicholas: Can it be any type of bread or does it have to be English Muffin

Abdullateef Al Mohammed: Do a Killer Fish Sandwich Mike!

Lastkingbucio: Good

Jason Spirit: reminds me of a sausage and egg mcmuffin for some reason lol

Leny Gedangoni: I do love eating chicken salad ..
and also club house sandwich Mike

KIRBY SNUGGLESTEIN: That baby looks delicious Mike! I'm hungry for a killer chicken melt!

carlyforniakid: awwwwwww shiiiiieeeet

realtimeS: looks great man!

Douglas Flanders: You gonna do the killer egg muffin mike or did you already make that vid?

Hubert Shitmeyer: seems you hit the nerve and the spot and the bullseye comment and thumbs up-wise with this one, mike. you surely did with me, as always. peace, buddy.

Ali Nisar: all the time you say yes yes but when you make Mike ??

Kulinary Kreations: Great looking melt Mike! I'm hungry now! YUM! TFS :)) Peace...

fiber9m: i need that sammich

Ali Nisar: hey can you make spicy chicken Biryaani

leeham38: Funny, they call them English muffins but it's extremely rare to see muffins like that here in England.

Valice: It's the skill and attention to detail that I respect. These are killer concoctions

Max Pena: I really enjoy your videos cause you are so positive! And some of those meals look incredible! I love the Italian turkey and mushroom one. Turned out amazing! Thanks!
How to...Make a Killer Chicken Salad Melt 5 out of 5

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How to...Make a Killer Chicken Salad Melt