Batman: Arkham Origins & The Elder Scrolls Online - HANDS ON - PAX Prime 2013

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Cringe master 69: Well no eso review

theking1991: Jeremy jahns where's your elder scrolls online review it's on ps4

Phamous: Why Do They Still Have This old Fashion Joker In Games And Not Heath Ledger Style Joker, Heath Ledger Joker Looks Way Better And Is More Modern. GIVE THIS JOKER UP!!!!!

Ramathorn: Is it the new joker voice actor? The guy who is replacing him that did a good monologue

King Akuchi: can u get elder on orgin

Mathew Fox: r u going to review arkham origins

ZaLewdWarudo: I went through my Elder scrolls collection again, from Arena, to Morrowind to Skyrim. IT WAS freakING AWESOME!!!

ayo50: can't wait for your review on arkham orgins

Bryan Merrick: I think you fail to realize so many mmo go FRee to Play when they are dying...hence why the top ones are still pay to play

dude2772: Just got this game and gotta say..I know what you mean by the punches man.

Raul Torres: I've got same Joker fetish as you Jeremy, ordered mine as well picking it up this saturday.

Vid0907: Im looking forward to both games, I preordered origins and I have a guild set up for ESO. But I really don't want that 15 dollar a month subscription.

starwarsfanboy101: "What weakness apart from kryptonite can batman exsploit?" well...supermans weak against: Sonic repulsors, nucular blasts, red kryptonite, magic, and also without the power of a yellow sun superman is pretty much human...with enough preparation batman would win theres no argument...i mean lex lutour can and he cant fight (apart from his power suit which batman also has) but in a straight up out of the blue fight superman would kill bats in a hart beat...but batman would win if he had preparation

Jefferson Pierce: Jeremy you always have a valid opinion and open mind when it comes to products, I was wondering would you do a video only about Batman Arkham Origins and how some are complaining about most of the moves being the same. The pros and cons in your style as always. :D

Wigglly Wagger: Troy Baker

PainHybrid: Hey I saw you at PAX on Monday a few times! I almost talked to you but I didn't.

DakotaJH: Dragon's Dogma was the hypest. Can't believe its not on PC yet, though. It'd be perfect.

Dylan Shier: You heard that from JOVENSHIRE ON SMOSH games

BlackPower420: The guy who voices the joker also is the voice of Joel in The Last of Us.

assassinsknight: Gravity gun, red sun gun or room, magical weapons.
Batman: Arkham Origins & The Elder Scrolls Online - HANDS ON - PAX Prime 2013 5 out of 5

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jbm0866: Kids born 20 years from now will have nothing like this to experience when they get old enough to drive, unless of course they have a rich old uncle that can still afford to feed his old car dino juice and let's them take a spin in his "classic".
Joelle Murray: Good job guys! I like the more analytical approach :)
The Neon Gamer: Do you think they will ever bring back Cartoon Network episodes on Netflix? if not do you know where I can find old episodes like camp lazlo, flapjack etc. for free?

Batman: Arkham Origins & The Elder Scrolls Online - HANDS ON - PAX Prime 2013