GRWM Storytime: Dollhouse London Experience - SAVE! YOUR! MONEY!!

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GRWM Storytime: Dollhouse London Experience - SAVE! YOUR! MONEY!!
GRWM Storytime: Dollhouse London Experience - SAVE! YOUR! MONEY!!
GRWM + Storytime + True Glory Hair Review
GRWM + Storytime + True Glory Hair Review
GRWM/ storytime / review
GRWM/ storytime / review

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Tearra Lyn: the fact that EVERYBODY in these comments didn’t have a good experience with them Y I K E S !!!😮...

Siham Noor: Lol "flappy bird"

zitha ndamukunda: thanks babes you saved my time and money

Susan Phillipson: I am a new subscriber. Where did you get your hair done this time. No to dollhouse London. Many thanks for this video. God bless

ndukwe nonye: Where was the hair bundles you installed at doll house from?

Slayess Cam: WHat lashes are those?😍

Hafs Jama: Heyyy, can we ALL never get our hair done there so they can reevaluate their business or close down.

- Thanks, management

Lanam Ramo: I was planning on booking my appointment with them, but after watching this I think I’ll find another stylist that seems more professional! Sorry you’ve have this experience especially when you’re spending a lot of money! X

Alexei's Paradise: This just saved me a bunch of money lol, was looking to get my hair done for my birthday in two weeks.... Thank youuuuu!!! lol

YUNGxBROWN: Sort of off topic but I've heard that most people's frontals look really orange in real life? What's everyone's experience with seeing frontals in person with no video lighting and editing? I'd love to make my own wig or have it made for me but I'm worried that all the £££ will go to waste if my frontal is giving you oompah loompah teas, if you know what I mean.

Theycallme Dawn: Come to USA

ess corbin: Thank you for this you saved me so much money

Kelicia Hylton: Doll house is trash they invite bait people like Kenza and do their hair for free , but answer this , have u ever seen kenza keep the hair on for more than 3 days ? No because they can’t apply it properly , obvs she’s not going to say anything about it because she got it done for free

Nicolle Grenville: This video is the truth!!! I had the exact same experience! From the “where did u get ur frontal from?” to asking Person D for their advice (I probably could tell you who “D” is) ugh it’s overhyped for what u get

Alta Gracia Music: OMG really, these stories are just horibble. I wish I had checked out the reviews before I made my appointment and payed 65 pounds! I already made an appointment with "Jules" because when she does the hair it always looks good on the pictures. Because I already payed 65 pounds I"m still in doubt if I just should cancel my appointment and take the losss or just not pay the rest of the money If she freaks up my hair hahaha! Anyone experienced Jules? Please let me know!

Geanette McDowell: I heard that they only do instagram famous peoples wigs properly and when it comes to common common people they dont put in effort...

C-Bunny: 😂😂😂😂😂girl you got my rolling I can’t believe she said that you have to choose....but that’s messed up I’m sorry you experience that...they would have gave my money back .. I would have went off.. good story time video tfs

Noni Bennett Williams: Loved that bit of shade at the end of your video

Rachel Ogunmola: Omg fraudsters 😳😳

Rachel Ogunmola: You’re meant to tint the lace as a hairdresser 👀👀
GRWM Storytime: Dollhouse London Experience - SAVE! YOUR! MONEY!! 5 out of 5

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Lea Pustetto: what a tuff dude brown is. holy mackeral. it reminded my of homer simson.maybe one day brown will be champ.
Danny Jett: Great video Tim. I have heard of Veniards Cellurite Cement but haven't used it. I'll try to to get some. I use Sally Hansons exclusively on nymphs and wet flys to seal my UV Resins. Most all UV Resins dry tacky as you know with the exception of a few. For about 2 years I have been using RUMPF Head Cement on my dry flys. I bought 2 bottles from J. Stockard Fly Fishing 2 years ago. I still have a bottle and a half. I tried them because of their claim it will not dry up. Well the reason is the seal in the bottle cap is convex and seals air tight. The other fly tying head cements dont have that feature and you have to use a thinner to make them usable. With the RUMPF's you don't need it. It lasts a long time. Just FYI Buddy. Thought that I might mention it.
Ivan90jang Ponurko: Пересол сто пудова
Thần Chết: làm cách nào để gọi hổ trợ đuổi theo xe nghi phạm vậy bạn?
uzma nawaz: 9
B- Bitter: It was silly how they made the rock scared of Goldberg. I feel wwe owed the rock more to even let goldberg beat him, but beat him like that wwe was wrong.
thehellnoob: Funny episdoe. Loved how Gintoki was only talking about his balls the whole time.
Not sure if you know or not, but Otose's voice actor also voices Orochimaru from Naruto, Hence the joke. Flashy Ninjas are good ninjas I always say. Next episode will bring a few parodies and references to the table. You familiar with yu yu hakusho?

GRWM Storytime: Dollhouse London Experience - SAVE! YOUR! MONEY!!