Barrett 98 Bravo

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Lego Barrett M98B working functions
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Brendan Hill: what did you use as your genuine reason for getting one? Im thinking of getting one and Im not sure if target shooting is enough

TheMadCrumpet: Omg that's such a sexy gun. Back to day trading for me!

heyiamrandy: what kind of optic set up is that?

Russell McClendon: @PowerHawk09 I'm sorry for the confusion, my comment was in regards to RaptorDiablo, who asked "These things are legal to own int he states? HOLLY SHAT :C" to which I replied, stating he should read more into our rights in the States. robertkrosl asked "Who said he is from the US?" to which I replied about checking the profile. From the other comments you've posted, PowerHawk09, I gathered that you were from Australia. From the little research I did, gun laws down there seem to vary greatly.

PowerHawk09: @TheNaturalscorpio Actually, Im my profile I listed the country as Australia. If it lists the country as US, then it's beyond my control.

Russell McClendon: @TheRagstorm The first thing to consider would be the price tag, because that's what deters most people from owning a Barrett 98Bravo. After that, your best bet would be to find a local, reputible, gun store and talk with someone there. That being said, in the United States, this rifle is legal in most places. This isn't an AR-15 style semi auto, it is a bolt action rifle. That alone makes it less likely to fall under most firearm bans.

Russell McClendon: @robertkrosl He did, because thats the country he listed on his profile.

Russell McClendon: @RaptorDiablo You're amazed it is legal to own a precision, bolt action rifle in the United States? Even if they are under fire, you should do a little bit of research on your second amendment rights.

Jose Delgado: These things are legal to own int he states? HOLLY SHAT :C

BlackgoldTwinduck: sick ammo case

Alan Reid: @kennyroxs55 50BMG is more like $2.50 per round if you paying $10.00 i will sell you all you want for $7.00 lol

Йордан Георгиев: how can u own that kind of gun lol ? who would let you is it legal?

Koi PC: can i buy this rifle off you? :D

PowerHawk09: @vxAREKxv JPT located in Caringbah, Sydney.

Matt Miller: a pelican case for ammo!! haha badass

Vanhelsing8900: @Gurjaaneli yea .338 Lapua Magnum

orionknight12: Yeah, it's best not to shoot guns... because then you have to clean them! Just take 'em to the range and do a walk around with the camera... ya know...

Gurjaaneli: lapua?

kongman27: did you private import it , who did you buy it thru....:):)

ekici123: @Moosezorz The whole case? Then that's a great deal mate!
Barrett 98 Bravo 5 out of 5

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Barrett 98 Bravo